Su Weizhen: A Voice of Feminine Awakening from Tainan's Ancient Streets
 – Taiwan

Emerging in the vibrant literary scene of the 1980s, Su Weizhen, born and bred in the ancient city of Tainan, has carved a niche for herself with her introspective explorations of traditional female roles and the awakening of female self-consciousness. As a second-generation resident of a military dependents' village, her writing richly embroiders personal life memories with the collective historical experiences of the post-1949 Chinese immigrants to Taiwan and their descendants. Her narratives dissect the intricacies of love, marriage, and sexuality, critiquing societal norms and the patriarchal limits imposed on women's lives. Scrutinizing romantic entanglements with a calm, critical eye, Su's work offers a sharp reflection on the sacrifices and entrapments women endure in the name of love.