Liglav Awu: Perceiving Indigenous Identity through the Lens of Indigenous Women
 – Taiwan

Liglav Awu, a prominent Paiwan author, has been a pivotal figure in Taiwanese literature, known for her vigorous advocacy for Indigenous identity. Since the 1990s, Awu has dedicated her literary career to amplifying the voices of Indigenous women, challenging the prevailing narratives imposed by the dominant culture. Awu's writing serves as a powerful literary bridge, connecting Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples by weaving personal and tribal histories into a shared narrative fabric. Through her poignant storytelling, she addresses profound issues such as the stigmatization and cultural exile of Indigenous women on their own land, transforming personal grievances into universal calls for justice and recognition. Liglav Awu continues to inspire readers and activists alike, ensuring that the histories and experiences of Indigenous women are acknowledged and honored in the broader societal context.