Li Ang: The Visionary Taboo-Breaker for Five Decades
 – Taiwan

Li Ang is one of Taiwan's most prominent feminist writers, known for her fearless exploration of taboo topics and societal injustices. With an audacious pen, she delves into the complexities of sex, violence, desire, and national politics, using her fiction as a platform to expose societal flaws and reflect on human nature. Her unique voice, unafraid to challenge norms, has sparked controversies and debates, but it has also helped to open up critical conversations and drive social and intellectual change. Li Ang’s works have been translated into sixteen languages, including Czech, English, French, German, and Japanese, propelling Taiwan literature onto the world stage. In a career spanning over five decades, Li Ang has earned numerous literary accolades. Her works serve as both artistic achievements and social commentaries, making her a visionary and influential figure in contemporary Taiwan literature.