Jan Němec: Crucial and intense – a masterpiece!
 – Czechia

Jan Němec was born in 1981 in Brno where he graduated in religious studies and sociology at Masaryk University. He is an editor-in-chief for the Host journal. Němec has released a poetry collection named First Life (2007) and short story books A Four Hand Play (2009) and Liliputin (2022). He has also published novels The History of the World (2013) and The Opportunities of a Romantic Novel (2019). He has written a book in collaboration with Petr Vizina called The Sign of the Unknown (2021), which is a “discussion of spirituality”. “The main subject matter, i.e. the question of what normal behaviour is in a stateof war, is posed very intensively by Němec,” says Petr A. Bílek about Liliputin. “The way in which he connected everyone in the story with the motif of a car is nothing short of a literary masterpiece.”