Chen Xue: A Resilient Voice in Queer Taiwan Literature
 – Taiwan

Born into a family that ran a stall in the night market, Chen Xue has carved out her space in the literary world through sheer perseverance. As a prolific writer, she has stirred significant waves with her engaging explorations of queer themes, challenging societal norms and expectations with courage and candor. Her essays offer sanctuary for the ailments of diverse relationships, addressing the complexities and nuances of human connections with a profound empathy. Her bold narrative approach extends to dismantling traditional familial and marital structures, actively deconstructing patriarchal authority to advocate for more equitable social structures. Her resilience shines through in her works, which not only highlight the struggles within the queer community but also celebrate its resilience and diversity. Chen Xue offers vital insights into the lives of marginalized voices, making her an indispensable figure in contemporary discourse on identity and belonging.