Chang Chuan-Fen: Narrator of Hidden Lives
 – Taiwan

A criminologist and the chairperson of the Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty, Chang Chuan-Fen is a prominent figure dedicated to legal reform and human rights in Taiwan. Specializing in non-fiction writing, Chang has focused her efforts on abolishing the death penalty and investigating wrongful convictions. In her early career, Chang Chuan-Fen was deeply involved in the women's movement and LGBTQ+ studies, critically examining the historical oppression of lesbian women under heteronormative and patriarchal structures. Through extensive fieldwork and interviews, she has documented the diverse love stories and life experiences of Taiwanese lesbian women, contributing significantly to the visibility of LGBTQ+ issues in Taiwan. Chang's work not only sheds light on the often-overlooked struggles within society but also challenges and inspires change through her powerful advocacy and compelling storytelling.