Ondřej Buddeus: It's a Ride
 – Czechia

Born in 1984 in Prague, he attended Translating (from German) and Nordic studies at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University. His professional experience includes being the editor-in-chief of the literary magazine Psí víno (2011–2014), working in PR at the Alfred ve dvoře theater (2014–2017), heading the Czech Literary Center (2017–2019), teaching and coordinating doctoral studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (since 2019). He is the author of poetry collections and books for children and young adults, such as Rorýsy (2012; Jiří Orten Award, 2013) and Hlava v hlava (Head in Head, 2013, with David Böhm; Magnesia Litera for children's book, 2014). He combines poetry with visual expression, performance and music. He is also involved in translation (Eva Lindström, Jan Erik Vold, Josef Winkler, Theodor Herzl, etc.) and editing work (Je to jízda: O svobodě na kole ve meště i krajině, It's a Ride: On Freedom of Cycling in the City and in the Countryside, 2021).