Literary raw materials: Authors from manuscripts
 – Czechia

An evening of unpublished texts. Each book is preceded by a manuscript. They are the raw materials of the future work. Texts not yet published and not publicly read, simply material. Minerals, natural gas, radish, quince, rosehip, iamb, trochee. It depends on how one cooks. And sincewriters can stir up society quite a bit, the system reciprocates by easily turning the writers into a canner with a pickle, if ti wills. This evening is therefore a secret until the last moment, so that nothing is revealed beforehand. Kateřina Koutníková, Petr Čichoň, Petr Hruška, Robert Fajkus, Ivan Petlán, Jan Vrak, Vít Slíva, Marek Toman, Norbert Holub, Janusz Klimsza, the poet Pavel Petr will present the manuscripts of Jiří Kuběna and Jiří Veselský in the LEGACY section… some names always manage to be leaked… We don't expect Oldřich Švestka. READING FROM ALREADY PUBLISHED WORKS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED!

The ingredients will be mixed by Filip Klega and Ivan Motýl.