Irena Dousková: End, Dance, Éclairs!

Born 1964 in Příbram. She comes from a theatrical family. She graduated from the Faculty of Law at Charles University. She worked as a playwright and publicist, currently freelance. She started with poetry, occasionally writes screenwriting, and became famous as a prose writer, author of novels, short stories and short stories. She made her debut with a collection of poems Pražský zázrak [Prague Miracle] (1992), followed by fourteen other titles, most recently Darda [Blow] (2011), Medvědí tanec [Bear Dance] (2014), Napůl ve vzduchu [Half in the Air] (2016), Rakvičky [Éclairs] (2018) and Konec dobrý [Good End] (2021). In her texts, she alternately tunes a light and dark string: on the one hand, humorously lightened, often autobiographically nourished reports on the state of Czech man, especially in the last half century, on the other hand, more generally, transpersonal stories on eternal themes, often interwoven with Old Testament motives.