Halldór Armand: Analyst on Top of Things

Born 1986 in Reykjavík. Lawyer by education, author of four novels, columnist. Referred to as the voice of a new generation in Icelandic literature. He made his debut in 2013 with the novel Vince Vaughn í skýjunum [Vince Vaughn in the Clouds], where he discusses the reaction of so-called ordinary people to their fifteen minutes of Internet fame. Followed by the novel Drón [2014, Drone], the main character is a young female soccer player whose body can predict drone attacks around the world. The author's third novel Aftur & aftur [2020, Again and Again] was translated into Czech. In this book, he combines the theme of September 11, the Icelandic banking crisis and growing up in a world dominated by the Internet. Critics and readers appreciate Armand's sharp intelligence, analytical imagination and humorous insight.