Eva Štolbová: Television, Apprenticeship, Dissent
 – Czechia

Born in 1935 in Ostrava, she studied Czech at the Faculty of Education at the Charles University. She worked in the editorial office of the Czechoslovak Television, and later taught at a bakery and business school. She was actively involved in dissent; she co-founded the Democratic Initiative (1988) and the Civic Forum (1989). She has published a number of prose and memoir titles, including Vražda v Národním & Záhada ztraceného Maura (Murder in the National Theatre & The Mystery of the Lost Moor, 2017), Hra s osudem (Game of Fate, 2015), Navrávačky s Dominikom Tatarkom ( Conversations with Dominik Tatarka, 2013), Sametová historie (Velvet History, 2009), Saténový hlas (Satin Voice, 2005) or Přetlak (Overpressure, 1991).