Bogdan Trojak: Kumštkabinet with Glutaman
 – Czechia

Born in 1975 in Český Těšín, he graduated in Journalism from Universita Palacký in Olomouc. He is a poet, a prose writer, an author of books for children, a translator form Polish, a publicist , and a cultivator and seller of wine. He is the winner of the Jiří Orten Award (1998) and the Magnesia Litera (2005, 2021). He has been the editor of literary and cultural magazines Weles, Neon and Lumír. He has published poetry collections Kuním štetcem (By Marten Brush, 1996), Pan Twardowski (Mister Twardowski,1998), Jezernice (2001), Strýc Kaich se žení (Uncle Kaich Gets Married, 2004), and Kumštkabinet (2005), as well as a collection of short stories Brněnské metro (Brno Metro, 2007), and books for children Nok a Knedlíček (Gnnochi and Dumpling, 2016) a Safíroví ledňáčci a Glutaman (Saphire Kingfisher and Glutaman, 2020). Currently, he and his partner Salome cultivate five hectares of land near Velké Žernoseky, focusing on varieties such as Riesling, Pinot Noir, Silvaner, Savagnin, and Gewürztraminer.