Anna Luňáková: Speaks, Develops, Tries

Born 1993 in Jičín. She studied philosophy at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University. She translates from French, writes poetry (Jen ztratím jméno [I Just Lose a Name], 2020) and prose (Tři [Three], 2020), publishes essays and reflects critically. She is also an editor (Pandezie, 2021) and moderator. Also interested in theater. According to the publisher, her first poetry is "a manifesto and a confession, it is tender and provocative. She speaks, listens and answers." The prose debut then (also according to the publisher) "develops the experience of a therapeutic session in which autobiographical motifs intertwine with the language game, and into which enters the one who tries to reinvent herself by telling a story". Her expected new release Atlas babiček [Atlas of Grandmothers] will be published soon.