Anna Cima: The Highest Form of Entertainment
 – Czechia

Born 1991 in Prague. Graduated in Japanese Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. She lives in Japan. Prose writer and translator. Author of the award-winning novels Probudím se na Šibuji (I Wake Up in Shibuya, 2018; Magnesia Litera for Discovery of the Year, Czech Book Award, Jiří Orten Award) and Vzpomínky na úhoře (Memories of Eels, 2022). When asked by Michaela Dočkalová what led her to write, she replied, "The desire to tell stories. From a young age, I was surrounded by books that I most enjoyed unraveling the plot. There was also a lot of storytelling in my family. I enjoyed both listening to whoever was telling and watching those who were listening. Storytelling has always been the highest form of entertainment for me, whether I was the listener or the storyteller."