Aleš Kauer: A Wonderful Feminine Quality
 – Czechia

Born in 1974 in Zábřeh in Moravia, he is an artist, poet, performer, and the founder of the Adolescent publishing house. He has been involved in several performative projects that intersect music and sound, and is also an organizer of cultural events and the literary and musical festival Kvílení. A selection of his juvenile poems titled Dynamika s harmonickou opojností (Dynamics with Harmonic Intoxication) was published by the Kniha Zlín publishing house in 2011. His most recent poetry collections VNĚ/MNĚ (OUTSIDE/INSIDE, 2014) and HappyEND (2020) were published by Adolescent. Additionally, he regularly publishes his journal entries every five years as limited edition prints. He has also created musical adaptations of his poems, available for listening and viewing on his Bandcamp and YouTube channels. "More experienced people advise me to focus on a single activity in order to excel," he said in an interview with Jaroslav Balvín. " However, I personally believe that the view from the other bank is enriching. Moreover, I possess a wonderful feminine quality—I can handle five things at once. And the more of them, the better they become.”
(foto © Soňa Pokorná)