Alena Zemančíková: Some Women, Some Men
 – Czechia

Born in 1955 in Prague, she graduated from Theatre Faculty (DAMU) at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, majoring in dramaturgy. She worked in manual professions, and later became a lecturer and literary manager at the Západočeské divadlo (West Bohemian Theatre) in Cheb. She also worked as an editor of Czech Radio Plzeň, and since 2004 she has been an editor of Czech Radio Vltava. She works as a journalist, has authored several plays, wrote a book of short stories Bez otce (Without Father, 2008), a book for children Mařenka and Čenda (2009), a collection of feuilletons Značkování (Marking, 2012), a novel Příběh v řeči nepřímé (A Story in Indirect Speech, 2015) and a book of short stories Nějaké ženy a jacísi muži (Some Women and Some Men, 2023). The publisher describes the latter as follows: "Women and men in this book stand at the crossroads of their lives. The previous part, experienced with hopes, aspirations, and the desire for fulfillment, has come to an end. The part that lies ahead is much more challenging. They will have to truly live it.”