Tomáš Míka: Diary und News

Born 1959 in Prague. Poet and novelist, publicist and translator, occasional musician and occasional lyricist. He studied Czech and English at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. Since 1987 he taught at various schools. He worked in the private sector since 1991. In the new millennium, he is mostly a freelance translator. Among others, he translated into Czech the proses of J. Bunyan, J. Hogg, S. Beckett and J. Black. He published a book of short stories Und (2005) and the poetry collections Nucený výsek [Forced Cut] (2003), Deník rychlého člověka [Diary of a Fast Man] (2007) and Texové zprávy [Text messages] (2016). In his free work he relies mainly on the comic potential of speech itself, ideally in connection with underground currents of unleashed fantasies; he is playful and fierce, funny and serious.