Stanislav Biler: One Single Question

Born 1982 in Vítkov. He studied sociology, international relations and European studies at the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University. Publicist, co-founder of the recessive movement Žít Brno. He worked as a playwright for Czech Television and in the Office of the Public Defender of Rights. Author of a unique guide 111 míst v Brně, která musíte vidět [111 places in Brno that you must see] (2020) and the novels Nejlepší kandidát [The Best Candidate] (2017) and Destrukce [Destruction] (2021; Magnesia Litera Prize for prose 2022). "Destruction is a realistic novel from the Czech countryside. The key character is a teacher who flees from the complexity of the world to a village where he wants to find peace, order and security. […] He will find out that he will not run away from the world if he cannot answer a single question to the children in the class, “the publisher annotates the prose.