S. d. Ch.: Varlén and Tut crown the work

Sigismund de Chals, real name Miloslav Vojtíšek, born 1970 in Prague. He grew up in the South City (Jižní Město). He made a living as a gravedigger, cemetery manager and football field manager. Prose writer, playwright, comic screenwriter and artist, publicist, lyricist, musician, puppeteer. Two-time winner of the Alfred Radok Award (Zátiší ve Slovanu [Retreat in Slovan], 2012; Duchovní smrt v Benátkách [Spiritual Death in Venice], 2013); he also received the Ferdinand Vaňek Prize (Strážce památníku aneb Zapomenutý jednorožec [Guardian of the Memorial or The Forgotten Unicorn], 2019) and the Muriel Comic Prize (Varlén, 2013). He plays in the folk-rock band Ruce naší Dory (Hands of Our Dora). He published fifteen book publications, such as Konec korunuje dílo [The End Crowns the Work] (2021), Idiot dýchá [The Idiot Breathes] (2019), Kniha Tutáč [The Book of Tut] (2018) and Paridův soud v Brně [Parid's Court in Brno] (2017). An indecorous satirist, a genius of the absurdity of our time and of all times to come.