Nina Lykke: Life Upside Down
 – Norway

She made her debut in 2010 with a short-story collection titled Orgien, og andre fortellinger (The Orgy and other short stories). Her book Natural Causes, translated also into Czech and Slovak, became a Norwegian bestseller and earned the author the Brage Award, the most prestigious literary award in Norway, which has been presented since 1992. It is a novel set in a medical environment, with the protagonist Elin working as a general practitioner for more than 20 years and being married to Axel for the same amount of time. However, before him there was a man named Bjørn, who suddenly reappears on Facebook turns Elin's life upside down. The book was very successful not only in Norway, where it was published in a print run of over 70,000 copies, but also in Sweden and Germany, with 35,000 and 10,000 copies sold respectively.