Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvold: Solitude, Death and Love
 – Norway

Born in 1970, her literary debut caused a sensation in 2009. Her book The faster I Walk, the Smaller I Am won several awards and was translated into 25 different languages, including Czech and Slovak. It is a prose about the fear of life and of people, before whom the aging protagonist withdraws into her apartment, but also about the effort to open the apartment door and live after all. After two novels, the author also published a poetry collection titled Litt trist matematikk (A Little Sad Mathematics). "Writing about solitude and death is not easy, I also wanted to write about pain, and I felt I could approach this topic better through poetry," said the writer in an interview for iLiteratura.cz. In the book The Child, she astonished critics with a highly personal and intimate confession about love and childbirth. In addition, to The Child, her book 33 was also translated into Slovak. She also writes books for children.