Kateřina Tučková: From White Water entirely

Born 1980 in Brno, she studied Czech studies and art history at the Masaryk University. She organized dozens of exhibitions of contemporary Czech painting in the Czech Republic and abroad. She writes prose, focuses on journalism, literary history and art history, translates from Slovak, and adapts for theater. She became famous for her novels Gerta (2010), The Last Goddess (2012) and Bílá Voda [White Water] (2022). The reviewer of Mladá fronta Daily wrote about her latest book: “The further the reader progresses through the novel, the clearer it is how exceptional the author's style is. How intense and natural narrator she found in herself. How well she draws characters and situations functionally, how cleverly she mixes elements of detective, mysterious, almost horror, spiritual, lyrical and sometimes even a little grotesque - and in a split of a moment creates an atmosphere so captivating and dense you could cut it with a knife."