Henry Mann: He Was Dazzling Women!
 – Czechia

Born in 1948 in Prague, he is the son of Ludvík Aškenazy and the daughter of writer Heinrich Mann. Since 1968, he has been living in Germany. He is an actor, a film director and screenwriter, a translator, and a writer. His published works include the novels The Silver Magician (2022), Polar Bear (2017) and Poste restante (2012)."Exciting, adventurous, funny, at times joyful, occasionally tragic, loving, exquisitely written, in a word charming," is how Alena Slezáková apparaised Mann's newest novel. "It actually consists of two stories heard by the doctor Rebeka hears, connected by a lady with radiant purple eyes and an actor called René Zahradník, who was dazzling women in the pre-war film The Silver Magician."