Jiří H. Krchovský & Lucie Vopálenská: Poem and Truth (about Death)

A classic of the Czech literary-musical underground of the third wave in a pair with a strong face of post-revolutionary cultural, social and political journalism. He was born in Brno in 1960, a graduate of the school of life, then a freelancer; she was born in Prague in 1972, a graduate of the Evangelical Theological Faculty of Charles University, then in various radio and television newsrooms. Krchovský summarized the essentials of his work in the volume Básně [Poems] (1998), accompanied by a number of smaller books of poetry and prose (for example, Jakoby [As If], 2020). Vopálenská is (together with Michal Plzák) the author of the monumental book of interviews Pro smrt uděláno: živé rozhovory o posledních věcech [Don’t get Death easily: Live Conversations on the Last Things] (2021).