Jan Šulc: It's important to say what I think
 – Czechia

Born in 1965 in Prague, he studied English and Portuguese at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University. He worked as an antiquarian, and since 1989 as a publishing editor (Odeon, Torst). He was awarded the Karel Čapek Award in 2014. He has published a book interview with Jiří Dědeček (Pohyblivý cíl, Moving Target, 2020) and a selection of his own texts (O knihách a lidech, Of Books and People, 2023). "I never chose newspapers or magazines," says Šulc in the introduction. "I followed Karel Kryl's opinion that every newspaper and every magazine is made and read by people and, that what is important is to say what I think, regardless of where it is printed. That is why I occasionally wrote for almost all Czech newspapers, literary magazines, and various church publications, including the Catholic, evangelical, and ecumenical, as well as the Jewish Yearbook."