Jón Gnarr: ADHD, politics, bestsellers

Born 1967, actor, politician, writer. He did not finish school, he worked as a laborer, taxi driver or comedian. When Iceland was on the verge of bankruptcy in 2008, he founded the Besti Flokkurinn party (Best Party) out of recession. Half jokingly and half seriously in the campaign, he promised to procure a new polar bear for the zoo, open the first Nordic Disneyland, there will be free towels at each pool, and farmers will be able to take sheep to the hotels. His party won the election and Gnarr became Reykjavik's favorite mayor. He had an atypical childhood, struggled with learning disabilities and various other problems. At the age of five, he was diagnosed with a "developmental disorder." This had a great influence on Jon's childhood and adolescence, which he described in the books The Indian, The Pirate, and The Outlaw. He has become a passionate advocate for people with disorders such as ADHD, Asperger's disease, dyslexia, etc. The books have been translated into English and German, Spanish, Arabic, Korean and many other languages. He wrote a book about his experience in politics, How I Became Mayor of Reykjavik and Wanted to Change the World, it became an international bestseller.