Hugleikur Dagsson: Either, or

Comic book author and playwright, born 1977. He wrote three plays. The first, Forðist okkur [Avoid Us], is the story of three dysfunctional families. The second, Leg [Uterus], deals with the pregnancy of a teenage girl, taking place in Iceland in the near future. The theme of the third one, Baðstofan [Living Room], is a dark view of 18th century Iceland. In 2006, Penguin Books published his first book of cartoon jokes - Should You Be Laughing at This?. He published five of them in Czech since then, the first in 2008 - A tomu se mám smát?, the last eleven years later – You are nothing [Jste nuly]. He is famous for his simple style and a lot of black humor - either you are laughing out loud or Dagsson's drawings will immediately offend and repel you.