Hildur Knútsdóttir: Aliens in Iceland

Born 1984 in Reykjavík. She studied literature and creative writing at the University of Iceland. She worked in the field of nature conservation, as a librarian, editor, and sat in the Icelandic parliament for a while. Two of her books were published in Czech under the title Krvavá zima [Bloody Winter] (2018) in one volume: the novel Vetrarfrí [2015, Autumn Holidays] and its free sequel Vetrarhökur [2016, Hard Winter]. Fast-paced survival horror describes the invasion of Iceland by aliens. In 2016, she received the Icelandic Literary Award for the best work in the young adult category for Hard Winter. In her work for young people, she also deals with more serious topics: climate change, the migration crisis or a dystopian vision of partially flooded Iceland due to rising ocean levels.