Ewald Murrer: … Poetry in Particular

Born 1964 in Prague. In his own name Michal Wernisch. Journalist (Iniciály [Initials], Lidové noviny [People’s Newspapers], Mladá fronta Dnes [Young Front Today], Můj dům [My House], etc.), worker in advertising agencies. Poet, novelist, author of children's books, also occasionally active in the field of fine arts and music. He has published more than a dozen authorial publications, four of them in 2021: Zprávy tajnou řečí [Messages in Secret Speech], Hlasy ryb [Voices of Fish], Fú [Fu] and Čtení z ohně [Reading from the Fire]. On the Klackoviste.cz website he answered the questions: What is missing from today's poetry? – "It can't be said in general, but I often get the impression that poetry in particular." – How do you approach rhyming poetry? – "I like it. Just like the free verse.” – Do you have a favorite poetic medium? – "None more than the other."