Are Kalvø: Stand-up, Mountains, Books
 – Norway

As a prominent Norwegian comedian (born in 1969), he has been involved in the stand-up comedy genre for decades, but he is also an author of more than ten mostly satirical books. And not only that, he is also the author of musicals and operas. In his books, he tackles politics, religion, football and even mountains. Although he grew up in northwestern Norway, surrounded by fjords and mountains, he was never drawn to the surrounding nature. However, in order to understand what others see in it, he eventually ventured into the mountains and wrote a book about his experiences. It is called The Hiking Book from Hell and it has also been transalted in Czech and Slovak. As the author admited, it is a book about something that he does not understand at all. However, the love of the mountains is almost sacred for Norwegians, and Kalvø, being a lover of cafes and bars, enjoys teasing it.