Anna Beata Háblová: Has Not Been Described Well
 – Czechia

Born in 1983 in Prague, she graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the CTU. She is an architectural historian, urban planner, poetess and novelist. She has published several poetry collections, including Kry (Icefloes, 2013), Rýhy (Grooves, 2015), Nevypínejte (Don't Switch off, 2018), O mé závislosti nikomu neříkej (Don't Tell Anyone about My Addiction, 2020), as well as the novella Směna (The Shift, 2022). In addition to her creative works, she has also published scholarly books such as Města zdí: Život a smrt obchodních center (Cities of Walls: The Life and Death of Shopping Centers, 2017) and Nemísta měst: Opomíjená, pomíjivá a míjená místa měst (Non-places of Cities: Neglected, Transient and Passed-by Places of Cities, 2019). She has received numerous awards for her work, for example the Molab Prize in the Revit Open competition (2007). In the Záložka radio program, the author expressed her thoughts on her first prose work, stating: "I felt that the artistic world has not been described well in literature, at least from a contemporary perspective. Interestingly, after finishing The Shift, I started painting myself."