Marianna Kijanovska

Brno Tue 14.7. at 19:00
Ostrava Wed 15.7. at 19:00
Košice Thu 16.7. at 19:00
Львів Fri 17.7. at 20:30
Wrocław Sat 18.7. at 20:30

A metaphysical poet


Writer, essayist, translator, literary historian and poet Marianna Kiyanovska was born in 1973 in the Galician city of Zhovka. While studying in Lviv, she and fellow writer Natalka Sniadanko became part of the MMJUNNA TUHA literary group, otherwise known as the “Society of Lonely Women Graphomaniacs”. Kiyanovska is best-known for her poetry collections Inkarnatsiya [Incarnations] 

(1997), Vinky sonetiv [Wreaths of Sonnets] (1999), Mifotvorennya [Mythreation] (2000), Deshcho shchodenne [A Bit of the Everyday] (2008) and 373 (2014); in 2011, she founded the Great Hedgehog prize, an award for Ukrainian children’s books authors. “In Kiyanovska’s work, God’s love for thy neighbour somehow manages to peacefully coexist with sophisticated erotica,” writes Yurii Berdyk; Vano Kruger likens Kiyanovska’s poetry to “an exposed nerve”.